30 Historic Pictures Of ‘Bombay’ That Will Take You Back In Time

Mumbaikars have always had a deep sense of pride on their city and its growth. Here we have endeavored to provide with more than one reason for them to be proud all over again. Being ruled by a diverse set of rulers, Mumbai has undergone landmark changes but it's essence has remained the same.

1. Bombay (Mumbai) Harbour Scene – 1880’s

2. Beautiful Architechture in Bombay (Mumbai) – c1890’s
3. A Bombay (Mumbai) Drygoods Store – c1920’s
4. An Indian Soldier Leads Away a Hindu Rioter In a Debris Strewn Street Of Bombay (Mumbai) – 1946
5. Chor Bazar

6. Busy Street Scene in Bombay (Mumbai) b- c1880’s
7. Bombay Harbour, from the Apollo Pier, 1855-1862
8. Jain Temple, Byculla Railway Station, Bombay (Mumbai), 1855-1862
9. Tramway Company Office
10. The Victoria Terminus in Bombay, one of the finest stations in the world
11. Bombay Courthouse, 1850
12. Old Gateway of India – Mumbai
13. The Port, Bombay
14. Women Gather At A Party In Mumbai (Bombay) in 1910
15. Monkey Temple ; Kalbadevi Road ; Old Bombay
16. Streets of Mumbai (19th Century)

17. Ships in Bombay Harbour (c. 1731). Bombay emerged as a significant trading town during the mid-18th century.
18. Asiatic Society Library, Mumbai
19. Mail Train at Poona new station
20. Fisher Women of Bombay
21. Cornwallis Monument and Secretariat, Bombay (Mumbai), 1855-1862

22. The Cathedral, Bombay (Mumbai), 1855-1862
23. Bombay Police, 1855-1862
24. Elphinstone College and Sassoon Library – Late 19th Century
25. Panorma of Bombay (Mumbai) – 1870
26. Group of Brahmins, Bombay (Mumbai) – 1870
27. The Coconut Festival, Bombay (Mumbai) – 1870
28. General Elections Campaingning Press Photograh – Bombay (Mumbai) 1967
29. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel – Bomaby (Mumbai) – 1908
30. Marine Drive 1930

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