The Dream and imagination.

“As I said, “Sir may I come in”! as I entered the Classroom everyone Started looking at the door side ,

“Hey you??? “Can you tell me the time”??

“Sir, its 8.45 am, “and everyone started laughing seeing at me….

“You are late…, go and stand at back bench!!!...”

“Ok! I said…”

No place was there to sit as well I was supposed to stand…..

She was setting on second last bench and looking at her I reached the last bench and stand stood as I know that I was punished….

I started seeing her as she was clear image to me and realized I was about to propose her today!!!!

After ten minutes….

“You can sit down now and don’t ever try to come late again!!!....”

“No, Sir!! I am ok here …”

“Ok! As you wish…”

After saying this few words she started turning her head as if she has noticed me that I am staring her every time…….

Soon the lecture was finished,

And everyone went outside for a break; I couldn’t handle my feelings and started walking towards her….

She was astonished and she ran away like I was about to kill her….

At the end of the day…

I was in rush as I have to go to my office and complete my work…….

Walking towards the gang way I saw her standing near the Faculty room and I was shocked because she also started staring at me…

I stopped and I say “Hey hi!!!”


“I need to talk with you that one is very important?”

“Ohhh!! Let me know, you were staring at me the whole lecture and you are here now to say something??”

“Yes, that I was about to propose you today but I missed my bus…. “

“What??? Propose!! “

“But, Why??? “

“Why?? That I don’t know but I love you…! “

She started looking in my eyes and she stopped for a minute, I was thinking she will slap me or she will complaint about me ….

But, The Scene Changed and She said…

“I will tell you tomorrow…!”


I was in rush and again started walking on my own way…..

The day begins with a big smile on my face and I was in time to the College….

I was searching her but I couldn’t find her….

Lecture Began and I was looking at the classroom door thinking she will enter…..

In the middle of the break I started searching her….

And lastly I saw her…..

I cherished myself and started stepping towards her….

Seeing me she started crying and I was shocked because in this present world the girl started crying because I proposed her!!!!!!

I was fade and totally astonished…

“Please don’t cry, Oh I am sorry, I was suppose to love you not make you cry…! “

Still she was crying and again I said….

“I know something went wrong by my side, and I am sorry I will never propose you again …!”

She stopped and she whisper

“I am crying because you make me fell in love with you, and even though my father has passed away last month!!! “

I was astonished and started seeing in her eyes…..
“I was in dilemma and I have to think that I will never come out from this situation? I was alone not because of my friends but no one was there to love me….. “

My eyes started watering and

“Ok! K…..”

“What ok!! You stupid “I love you!! “

I was shocked and happy too…

She was the one I want and now she is walking beside me……

And I started crying she hold my hand,

Rubbing my eyes I open it widely towards my wall clock,

“Ohhh, Shit, not today again standing at last bench……!”

“Mom!! I am late “

संदर्भ: मी मराठी माझी मराठी साठी लीहा. (Responses)
लेखक : Abhinav R Kamble

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