You can undo sent emails in Gmail. Here's how

Ever regretted sending the right mail to the wrong person? Wished you could just turn back time and check the details before hitting send?
You don't need an expensive time machine, a small tweak to your Gmail settings can save you from owning up to embarrassing emails which flew through your account and landed up in the unintended person's mailbox.
Although Microsoft's Outlook mail service gives you an option to recall an email within a specific time and if the end user(s) hasn't read it, an undo send feature in Google will save a lot of post-fiasco apologies.
The Undo Send feature in your Gmail settings can pull you out of the agony, here's how you can activate it:
1. Gear icon Go to the settings panel in your Gmail account.
2. Labs Locate the Labs tab in the settings panel. The Labs tab houses Google's experimental new Gmail features. Look for the undo send feature.
3. Enable Hit enable and save the settings. Your feature is activated.
4. Test To test the feature, you can send an email to yourself. Once you hit send should be able to see 'Undo Send' feature at the top of the screen. Click on it and your email is recalled; no one got to know.

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