End To Start – A Novel On It’s Way to Publishing

Pune-based writer, Nikhil Kulkarni has come up with a hilarious novel titled “End To Start”. The story revolves around a young college going city lad, Parag Shastri and his trials and tribulations with life. The story is a blend of family drama, romance and is also a slice of life. The author has worked hard on the story for 2 years and has left no stone unturned to make it a fun read and entertaining.

The Book

End to Start by Nikhil Kulkarni
End to Start by Nikhil Kulkarni
Drawing from his own experiences, the author has shared the fun brewing in Pune city under his magnifying glass.                                                                                 For example : In Pune, even a cobbler can tell you where and why the prime minister of India is making mistakes.
Apart from that, the reader relates with the book after reading the continuous jostling between the protagonist’s parents, the sarcastic comments of protagonist’s father on the protagonist, the simple yet refreshing love story and many more aspects of the story.


Nikhil Kulkarni
Nikhil Kulkarni
Nikhil, is a an author, some of his stories have been published in the famous “Chicken Soup For Indian Soul” books.
The first 18 pages of his book “End To Start” are available on the website “bloodygoodbook.com”.
Currently the book is well liked by all the ages and is getting reviews from various parts of world. According to the reviewers Nikhil has managed to hook the readers from the first page itself. The “What Next” element is never missed throughout the book.

How can You Help Nikhil?

You can help to publish this book by posting your honest reviews on the website after reading the initial 3 chapters. Good reviewers will find their names in the “Acknowledgment” section of the book, once the book is published.
All you need to do is :-
  1. Click on the link http://bloodygoodbook.com/end-to-start
  2. Sign up (it will only take your 10 seconds)
  3. Read Book, click on next on each page at the end of third chapter you will find feedback form
  4. Post your review after reading the initial 3 chapters.
Nikhil needs 80+ reviews for publishers to consider this book for publication and he is already half way through. Remember, your single review can help the book to reach every corner of the country.

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