You are a Mumbaikar and if food is your jaan then you need to check this list of places for sure!
Who gives food in Rs.100 these days? These awesome guys do! Super grateful to them.
1. Udipi Idli house
With diverse types of Idlis served, Udipi is one of the restaurants which immediately take you to south India. You will get the tantalizing aroma of Idlis right at Matunga where it’s located. You can visit it to try different Idlis every visit. Location: King Circle, Matunga. Specialty: Idlis Price: Rs. 50 with extra chutney.
What to have there: Kanchipuram Idli, Rasam Idli, Butter Kakdi Idli.

2. Khao Gali
The street food at Khao Galli is something you should not miss at all. With different variety of food available Khao Galli attracts a ton of foodies every day. Location: Ghatkoper Specialty: Street Food Price: Starting from Rs. 40. What to have there: Masala thumbs up, Jini Dosa, Jumbo Sandwich and Deluxe Gola.

3. Punjabi Moti Halwai
As its name goes, the restaurant serves delicacies right from Punjab. If you are a Punjabi, you will know how authentic the food is. If you are not a Punjabi you will definitely get a taste of Punjabi food right in the heart of Mumbai. Location: Fort. Specialty: Punjabi Food. Price: Lunch with desert at 100. What to have there: Chole with Samosas, Gulab Jamuns, and Aloo Parantha.

4. Mohammed Ali Road
To all the non-vegetarians out there, this place will not fail to amuse you. The aroma will drift you directly into the magical world of food. Location: Near Crawford market, under J.J flyover. Specialty: Mughlai food Price: Starts from Rs.65 What to have there: Tandoori Chicken, Seekh Kabab, Chikken Tikka

5. Yazdani Bakery
It is one of the best Irani cafes you will visit in Mumbai. The bakery plus restaurant reminds one of the "old Bombay"
Location: Kala ghoda, Fort. Specialty: Baked food.ting from Rs.30 What to have there: Elaichi Laiden Chai, Brun- Maska and Berry Pulav.

6. Cannon Pav Bhaji
Simmering the vegetables to the core, Cannon Pav Bhaji fulfills every Pav bhaji lover’s desires. You will always find people enjoying Gajar Ka Halwa and pav bhaji at their corner. Location: Near CST station. Specialty: Street food. Price: Rs.100 What to have there: Gajar ka Halwa and Pav Bhaji.

7. Chowpathy
If you are someone who loves spending time at the sea shore and if your best friend is food then Chaopathy is a place you need to visit. The ambience, the chat, the people and the sea will leave you mesmerized. Location: Chowpathy Specialty: Street food. Price: Starting from Rs.30 What to have there: Chat, Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri and Chocolate Gola.

8. Amantran
Living in Mumbai and not tasting a Maharashtrain dish is as equal as committing a crime in the world of food. Amantran is one of the restaurants where you will see people 24/7. Location: Naupada, Thane Specialty: Maharashtrian food Price: Starting from Rs.40 What to have there: Misal Pav, Kharvas, Paneer handi.

9. Mani’s Lunch Home

A few years back the hotel had all the items available under Rs. 50. Even now the restaurant serves one of the best delicacies in town. Location: Matunga, Near Ruia College. Specialty: South Indian food Price: Rs. 40. What to have there: Filter Coffee, Chutneys and lunch.

10. Gurukripa If potato is the love of your life and if you can’t live without samosas then Gurukripa is the place to visit. Go anytime during the day and I bet you will find people enjoying different types of Samosas. Location: Sion, Near SIES College. Price: Rs. 15 What to have there: Noodle Samosa, Chinese Samosa, Nuggets.

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